Home » Uncategorized » Lamenting-24/12/16


More problems, less solutions. The only outcomes of overthinking.

I once read that the mind causes its own problems so it could solve them. Something along those lines anyway and perhaps it’s true. Little things that could be let go, minor moments that didn’t feel right but could be discarded, held.

I have a confession, I overheard something I didn’t like. Might have been a joke, might have been serious, probably misheard. Yet it brought about so many questions in my mind. Questions that I am sure you could see displayed on my face, yet ignored. Not the time or place? Perhaps.

Too soon for those kinds of conversations? Prematurely over stepping my boundaries?

Jealous? Yes. Irrational? No,

So I’ll keep quiet, play what feels like a game, wait for you to address the moment. Let it result in a thousand more questions that are forced to stay bound within the borders of my mind.


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